Monday, May 16th, 2016

Organize the perfect children’s party for your little girl!

birthday girlYour daughter’s birthday! That should be celebrated.. Of course with the appropriate party. We put some party themes with 100% girl power in the spotlight!

Partying like a real princess
Is your little girl a real princess? She loves pink dresses, heels, and a crown? Then the choice is not so difficult and it is a Princess Party with the hottest princesses treats, the most beautiful decorations and of course an appropriate invitation card. Are there any brothers or friends who come to the party, no problem. A tough knight is also always welcome! So get your own little princess fairy-tale anniversary of her dreams.

Tough pirates girl
Not all girls love princesses and all that goes with it. On the contrary, even girls dream of pirate on a real pirate ship. A pirate of course plays up outside, so if the weather permits, a treasure hunt with a real treasure as a reward a perfect activity for the children’s tough. At school, there must also be treated and because everything should be devoted to piracy, fits also a cool treat on! Think mini treasure chests filled with coins of chocolate. Rather no candy? Instead of chocolate, you can also fill the box with snack tomatoes or grapes.

Party for a glamor girl
Little girls grow up… Teen Women find theme parties no longer so cute and love giggling, chatting, music, and movies. Surprise your ‘big’ daughter with a cozy slumber party, a movie theater party with lots of popcorn or – totally hip – A ‘The Voice’ party! Which girl of this age does not dream of standing on the stage and sing the stars from the sky. Thus, the children’s of yesteryear cozy kids party, all of this time.

Big or small, sweet or tough, pirate, princess or superstar… there is one for each child appropriate party to find. Let your imagination run wild and surprise your daughter with the perfect birthday party supply rentals!

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Saturday, April 16th, 2016

Tent Decoration

Outdoor weddings are very popular nowadays, let alone with a nice weather there. Here there are endless possibilities to choose your dream location, such as at the beach, on a beautiful estate or romantic in the backyard.

Unfortunately, there is still often isolated showers (small) in the Los Angeles, so a tent is often ideal. So you can be sure that nobody will distant genes!

Tent DecorationTents come in many shapes and sizes and you probably know probably some people who have a party tent somewhere lie. Some people therefore think quickly: ”! I’ve fixed up as ” But simple gazebos are often not really special to look at. If you want just a romantic wedding tent, with the right styling. Or a trendy festival tent that’s right for your wedding.

Whether the ceremony, dinner or want to keep the party in a tent, at least ensure that adequate facilities are available. Think of electricity, toilet facilities and water. It is also important that the tent is water and wind resistant.

Now decorate the tent yet! Draperies adorn his canvases are perfect for decorating any ceiling, including that of a tent so! They are a must have for your wedding, it none the less gives those charming touch to any room. Draperies come in all colors, but also in colors like black or white. This is never wrong!

Furthermore, you can think of honeycombs, pom poms and streamers and flags. In combination with LED lights in the lanterns is complete and it also provides another as lighting and extra aatmosphere.

wedding tent decorationAlso choose a nice runner-up, so that everyone can enter the tent stylish. It is also useful to create any ramps, because you obviously do not want your shoes dirty. These are often not very nice, but this may be solved, for example, a beautiful carpet or vinyl flooring.

If you opt for a fancy dinner in a tent for instance you can think of chandeliers, candlesticks, table runners and elegant glasses and cutlery.
Before the party, you can create a lounge area if, guests need a break after all the dances. This also applies to high tables combined with setup. Furthermore, some disco lights, puncture cables and balloon decoration completely top!

To make then truly it off, you are enlightened to the walkway to the tent. This can be done with candle bags, or nice tea lights in jars.

Winter wedding most people prefer to get married in the summer or in the length because of the chance of good weather. But getting married in the winter is also great fun! It is perhaps less pleasant that it is a lot colder and there’s much chance of rain, but this is definitely solve.

For example, caring for heaters and heat lamps. This not only helps against the cold, but this will also create further an intimate atmosphere. Have a nice stand with drinks, to warm up of equally tasty. Think of hot chocolate and different kinds of coffee, such as whipped cream, caramel or chocolate.

In terms of decoration you can think of pillars with white flowers or branches, silver or gold color accents, lanterns, cutlery, napkins, dinner plates and ribbons of wood tree trunks with hurricanes. This makes you even more in the winter and think of the snow and gives even more atmosphere!

Other ideas are garlands of lights, snowflakes or tulle pom poms, white cotton balls, transparent crystal and a wish tree. It is also nice to wimps and decoration snow throwing around.

As a final tip: close your wedding truly perfect with a bonfire with roasted marshmallows!

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Thursday, March 17th, 2016

For from party rental equipment you need to be at Local Events Rental Services in Los Angeles

Party Rental Services LAOrganize an event or party, brings a lot of work with it. Obviously you want the special day is soon prepared to perfection. For of great party equipment rental , you can count on Party Rental Services in Los Angeles! Local Events Rental for over 15 years specializing in rental of all party material. Glasses, cutlery, crockery, dance floor, party tent rentals and table and chair rentals Los Angeles. For a feast with all the trimmings you need to be at Local Events Rental!

Local Events Rental quality material party for any party

With over 15 years of experience from party rental equipment is Local Events Rental a big name in the party sector. We rent party materials for all parties and events you could ever imagine. Whether you’re hosting an intimate christening, communion a fabulous party, a romantic wedding, a big company party. On Local Events Rental you can count on for all your party stuff! Local Events Rental offers a wide range of party material in different styles for rental. Looking for modern or classic rental and party material? Party favors for a large party or an intimate ceremony? Thanks to the rental service of Local Events Rental is your party soon organized perfectly, down to the smallest details!

Local Events Rental for all your events

Local Events Rental hires not only party favors, but also provides all neatly you off at home. That saves a lot of precious time which you fixed rather used to prepare for the rest of your party. So do not hesitate and order your party material at Local Events Rental! Want to know more about our party material and our rental service? See our catalog or contact us for more information.

Local Events Rental
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Glendale, Los Angeles, CA – 91210
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Friday, February 26th, 2016

You Need to Get a New Tent Rentals

party tent rentalLocal Events Rental in Los Angeles is your specialist for the party tent rentals and all kinds of accessories. Is important to us that we always ensure that our tents are immaculate. We also ensure the correct placement of your tent of choice.

Also important to highlight is that our safety is top of our list. Always you can count on our new tents also can pose a hazard in heavy weather.

We have an extensive range of tents in different sizes. So we rent pavilion tents and span tents etc. Also for floor work and other accessories for these tents you’ve come to the right place.

About these various party tent rentals can also be found on this website in more detail information. We can supply tents for all kinds of events, from small celebrations to festivals. In addition, we provide on demand customized tents and advertisement banners.

In short, everything that has to do with tents, only one address: Local Events Rental in Los Angeles Contact us for more information.

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